About Mechanical Department

The research in the Department is concentrated mostly in three thrust areas namely Nanotechnology, Condition Monitoring, and Metal cutting, while Supply Chain Management, Material science, and Tribology have also evolved into areas of research. The faculty of the Department closely interact with the industry in keeping up with the latest trends in research and development as well as the training of the students and development of curriculum in accordance with the global trends. The department offers its faculty several facilities for initiating and sustaining research activities by providing access to the latest books, journals, software, and equipment required. The curriculum of the department academic programs is being subjected to continuous assessment by keeping in view the latest trends and developments around the world.

The Department has the state-of-art labs and infrastructure to facilitate students in acquiring hands-on experience in addition to classroom learning. Further, students are encouraged to organize/participate in technical fests and other academic activities in accordance with ISTE and Institution of Engineers (India) guidelines to develop leadership skills. Though most of the graduating students get offers from the leading industries in India/abroad, the department of Mechanical Engineering strongly recommends the continuation of education and the development of research skills of the individuals. The undergraduate curriculum requires mandatory completion of all the theoretical and laboratory courses offered by the department irrespective of the area of specialization. In addition to academics and research, the department focuses on guiding the students towards discipline and responsibility, thus aiding in the development of model citizens for the society.

The library of the Department is exclusive to the students and faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering students. The library regularly updates its inventory with the latest developments in Mechanical Engineering Research. The library holds books and materials relevant to class work, research work and also for competitive examinations.