Infrastructure & Achievements


1. To promote quality in the profession of Energy Professional through education and training. Also to facilitate introduction of best practices and to disseminate Energy information’s amongst its members to upgrade their skill and knowledge.

2. To conduct preparatory courses for professionals examinations relating to the profession of Energy.

3. To promote research and studies in Energy Control and minimization techniques and measures and share the same with the concerned stakeholders and to update its members on application of new technologies for improving service to the users and consumers.

4. To bring out guidance notes, instruction manuals, periodicals for the use and benefit of members and others connected with the profession of Energy Professionals.

5. To develop and administer the code of conduct and ethics from time to time and ensure compliance of the same by its members and also ensure that the members maintain / adhere to high standards of integrity, transparency, discipline and professional conduct.

6. To ensure speedy implementation of “The Energy Conservation Act’ 2001 in letter & spirit.

7. To work for unification of all agencies working in the fields of energy efficiency & renewable energy under a separate ministry to be called “Ministry of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy” (MEERE).

8.  To function as an association of professionals i.e. to take care of the legitimate interests of the Energy Professionals including Energy Auditors, Energy Managers & practitioners keeping in view the overall national perspective.

9.   To interact with BEE and state level designated agencies for interpretation and speedy implementation of the various provisions of the Act such as:

  •   Dissemination of information (clause – e, section 13)
  •   Conducting Training Programmes (clause – f, section 13)
  •   Strengthening of Consultancy Services (clause –g, section  13)
  •   Promoting R & D (clause – h, section 13)
  •   Providing feedback and follow-up services (clauses-d,k and n, section 14)

10.  To arrange training programmes for EAs/EMs & Energy practitioners and enhance their capabilities.

11.  To maintain instrument bank and library facilities.

12.  To generate employment business & Professional opportunities.

13.  To promote Energy Efficiency / Conservation Awareness by conducting seminars, Workshops, Exhibition.

14.  To Associate with like-minded association (s).

15.   To increase Membership.

16.   To synchronize the expertise of professionals.

IAEMP Benefits of IAEMP Membership

IAEMP is a unique organization with a unique time bound mission (to work for India’s energy independence by the year 2022), a unique slogan (conscience keepers to the nation on energy matters) and unique members who believe in giving rather than in receiving. All the activities are self-sponsored or carried out voluntarily by members. Some of the activities are funded by the members.

The benefits of joining IAEMP are as follows:

1.    Members:

4 GB Pen Drive containing highly useful information is given free to all members .

2.    Life Members:

In addition to the Pen drive, all Life Members get two (2) Nos. LED Lamps of 7.0 W Rating & Free membership of IAEMP’s “KaunBanegaConservepati Scheme”. This is to encourage Life Members to start energy conservation & efficiency measures in their own homes.

3.    Organisation Membership

In addition to the 4 GB Pen drive, all organisation members get the following benefits:

i)  Nomination of 2 employees.

ii) Free Advertisements (4 in a year) in our e-publications/ yahoo group

General Benefits of Memberships:

All members are entitled to post commercial emails (1 mail per month) in IAEMP yahoo group. Members also get several other benefits like nominations for conferences/trainings etc. All members also get a copy of latest publication of IAEMP.

Above all, the members get an immense satisfaction that they are able to contribute something to the important issue of energy conservation and efficiency.


Started IAEMP STUDENTS’ CHAPTER in GITAM, Bengaluru campus on 26/03/2016


Starting of IAEMP STUDENTS’ CHAPTER in GITAM, Bengaluru campus on 26/03/2016

EEE Infrastructure


Name of the Laboratory




Electrical Workshop

Rs. 5,62Lakhs   

146.55 Sq.Mts


Networks Lab         

Rs. 6,37Lakhs    



Electrical Measurements 

Rs. 4,52Lakhs    




Electrical Machines lab 

Rs 17.49Lakhs 



gitam infrastructuregitam infrastructure
gitam infrastructuregitam infrastructure